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Fort Collins Internet Sex Crimes Lawyer in Larimer County

Have you been charged with internet sex crimes? Contact a defense attorney at our office for a FREE consultation about Internet Luring and other crimes.
With the popularity and ease of access of the internet today, every home in Larimer County has the capacity to be involved in sex crimes occurring with computers. Police are on patrol throughout the internet, looking for people willing to commit or request sex based crimes.  We even see teens charged with crimes like sexting for receiving unsolicited photos of other teenagers on their cell phones. We defend good people like you who are charged with these internet-based sex crimes:

Enticement of a Child in Larimer County

Police and Larimer Sheriff Deputies often pose on the internet as girls under the age of 15, hoping to entrap men into enticement of a child charges. The elements of this offense involve inviting a child under 15 to meet somewhere for the purpose of having unlawful sexual contact with the child. Learn more about this offense in Larimer County.

Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Fort Collins

Also known as Child Pornography, this crime involves inviting children to engage in “explicit sexual conduct” for creating “sexually exploitative material”, the publishing of such videos or images or merely possessing such material. These terms will carry very precise definitions and the government must prove each of the elements to a jury precisely, for a conviction.  While a sex component is supposed to attach to the child image or picture, police often jump the gun and charge any nude or naked image of a child. Learn more about this offense in Larimer County.

Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Loveland or Estes Park

When someone invites a child under 15 to expose or touch their own or another person’s intimate parts, or to observe an actor’s intimate parts of someone while communicating on the internet, they will be charged with this crime.  Internet Sex Exploitation of a Child is similar to Sexual Exploitation of a Child, except a computer is involved. Learn more about this offense.

Larimer County Internet Luring of a Child

A Larimer County District Attorney will charge this offense when someone “knowingly communicates a statement describing explicit sexual conduct over a computer to a person the individual believes to be under 15, and makes a statement persuading or inviting that child to meet for any purpose.” The age component requires police posing as children to identify themselves as under 15 years old.

We have experts in the field of forensic computer investigation we team up with to protect our clients from overly zealous police and law enforcement.

An Early Defense is a Strong Defense: Why You Need an Experienced Internet Sex Crimes Lawyer in Larimer County

If you are contacted by police regarding an internet based sex offense, you can be assured they will:

  • Come to your home and confiscate your computers.
  • Next, they will take your computers to a government expert to search the hard-drive for images of children.

Technology now exists for recovering deleted and non-deleted files and pictures off your hard drive.  In some cases in Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park, pictures are automatically stored on a person’s computer without his or her knowledge through pop-ups or auto downloads. The government assumes that you are responsible for whatever is on your hard drive, EVEN IF you have deleted the file or never even saw the file.  If friends or visitors have used your computer or completed an illegal download of images, police will hold you responsible. Many of our clients regularly perform sweeps or cleaning of their hard-drives to protect them from unknown risks associated with their hard-drives.  We have successfully defended internet sex crimes by employing forensic computer experts who can testify that images can and do arrive on computers unnoticed by the machine’s owner.

The best defense to internet sex crimes charges is to never have conversations of any type with children or people posing as children, under 18. Never meet or invite a child for sex. Never exchange or request photos of children under the age of 18, clothed or unclothed. Don’t engage in role playing or sex talk with anyone in the role of a child either. Police tactics are becoming more sophisticated as officers must show convictions to justify their money grants and time on the computer.

Pastors and Counselors Are Mandatory Reporters of Sex Cases Involving Kids

Our law firm often receives calls from pastors and church counselors referring their church members, since we have Christian lawyers practicing criminal defense. Be sure to remember that mandatory reporting laws in Colorado related to child abuse, sex or internet sex crimes mean  you should never disclose a sex offense to your pastor or counselor.  You can only speak in confidence to an attorney.

Police will move swiftly to obtain a search warrant of your home and computers, and you must likewise move quickly in your defense. Call the O’Malley Law Office, P.C. at 970-658-0007 or submit the “Get Help Now” form to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney team members. We represent those accused of internet sex crimes throughout Larimer County and Colorado.

Contact an experienced Enticement of a Child lawyer in Fort Collins and Larimer County immediately if you have been charged. We offer a FREE consultation!

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