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Fort Collins Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Do you need a domestic violence defense attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado? Contact a criminal defense lawyer in Larimer County for a free consultation!Domestic Violence laws are now written so broadly in Colorado that it occurs in every household if you look close enough.  Mean words between frustrated lovers are common.  If the police are called in an angry moment, they would label it Domestic Violence.  This crime no longer has to involve pushing, shoving or hitting.Colorado now has a mandatory arrest law for this crime.

Larimer County Domestic Violence Lawyer: What Is Domestic Violence?

As a sentence enhancer, domestic violence is a label that can attach to ANY crime in Larimer County between persons who have at any time (even 20 years earlier) been in an intimate relationship.  The charged conduct must involve some element of coercion, control, punishment, intimidation or revenge. It can involve animals, people or property. The definition can also include acts or threatened acts of violence (C.R.S. 18-6-800.3). With a recent Colorado Supreme Court decision, sex is no longer a prerequisite to an “intimate relationship”.  Kissing, hand holding, or just spending time together can qualify.

Loveland Domestic Violence Defense Attorney: Broad Consequences for Domestic Violence

The label for this crime is very broad, and so are its consequences. Under state and federal law, persons convicted of Domestic Violence are not able to possess firearms or pass sensitive background clearance checks. We often arrange our cases so that our clients remain firearm possession eligible. However, this is a more difficult process due to recent changes in Colorado firearm law. This restriction can affect a person’s ability to participate in sports like hunting or a career which involves firearms or high security.

Why Should I Hire a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Fort Collins?

We go to trial on a domestic violence case if there is a reasonable chance of an acquittal, because of the harsh consequences of any plea bargain. Therefore, we encourage anyone with exposure to DV charges to contact us quickly.  A quick consultation with one of our lawyers can save you great loss in Fort Collins, Loveland or Estes Park. Colorado also has a mandatory sentence for domestic violence convictions or pleas, which involves defendant participation in a minimum 36 weeks of DV classes, evaluations and therapy. The consequences of a conviction or plea to domestic violence is long-lasting.

Boulder Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Advice: Two Things to Do Right Now:

Plus Icon FoCoContact us quickly – immediate action is necessary for your defense.

 Plus Icon FoCoPreserve the relationship between you and your alleged victim. Child custody may also be impacted if your “victim” has children with you. It is common for them to obtain custody of your chldren, to get a no-contact order and to clean out bank accounts while you are in jail (on the recommendation of the Victim’s Advocates).

When you are arrested, you need to immediately establish a shield of protection around you and your interests. We give jail visits 24 / 7 and will come to the jail to meet with you right away. Your need for an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer is urgent with a DV arrest.  Protect access to your home, children and spouse when charged with a Larimer County Domestic Violence charge.

When contacted by police concerning any accusation of alleged Domestic Violence, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and call us at 970-658-0007, or submit the “Get Help Now” form. Together, we can protect your future.


Did you know police can escort you to your house to get some belongings after a domestic violence allegation? It is called a Civil Assist. Read more here.

Domestic Violence Civil Assist | Larimer County Lawyer

When the Fort Collins Police are called for a domestic violence allegation, an arrest is always made. This means, unfortunately, you get no warning or preparation time before being taken into custody. When you are released from jail, you will only have the clothes and items you came in with, which may leave you standing …

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Questions about your firearm rights when facing a domestic violence offense charge? Read more about this right and why you need an attorney to fight for you

Domestic Violence and Firearm Rights Lawyer | Fort Collins, Colorado

The Second Amendment gives you the right to bear arms, however our federal and state government have implemented law, which can impact your right to carry a firearm or go hunting if you have a domestic violence conviction. In fact, just an accusation of a domestic violence offense can put your firearm rights in jeopardy …

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Did you know mandatory protection orders are issued in every domestic violence case? Read more about this and why you need an experienced DV lawyer.

Domestic Violence Restraining / Protection Orders Lawyer in Larimer County

On television crime shows, we often see a battered wife call the police to report her husband and the police always ask if she wants to press charges. This is not a realistic portrayal of a Domestic Violence situation in Colorado. In Fort Collins, Loveland, and Boulder, if a spouse calls the police, there are …

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Did you know Domestic Violence is not a charge on its own. Instead it is a sentence enhancer added to any other crime. Why you need a trusted DV lawyer.

Domestic Violence Sentence Enhancer | Attorney in Larimer County

Most of the time when you think about Domestic Violence, you picture a battered woman beaten by her husband or a girlfriend attacking her boyfriend during an argument. We think that some form of physical violence is involved, however, under Colorado law, nothing physical is necessary to be considered Domestic Violence. Actually, Domestic Violence isn’t …

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Are you facing a charge a Domestic Violence offense? Read more about this offense and Domestic Violence treatment that is required as part of your sentence.

Domestic Violence Treatment: Requirements in Fort Collins

When a person is convicted of or pleads guilty to a crime involving an act of domestic violence, they are required to participate in Domestic Violence (DV) treatment. Colorado has implemented a Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (much like the Sex Offender Management Board), which has created a set of standards for those convicted of …

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How does Colorado Law define intimate relationships? Read more about their definition and why you need an experienced lawyer for your domestic violence case

Domestic Violence and Intimate Relationships: Sex Not Required

In order to be charged with a domestic violence offense, the accusing ‘victim’ and the accused must have been in an ‘intimate relationship.’ But what does the law see as intimate relationships? Fort Collins Domestic Violence Attorney: Definition of Intimate Relationships Colorado Law C.R.S. 18-6-800.3 defines intimate relationship as: The Supreme Court decided there are …

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Having to interact with victims advocates in your Domestic Violence case? Read more about this government employee and why you need a lawyer for your case.

Victims Advocates and Domestic Violence Lawyer in Larimer County

Larimer, Grand and Boulder County District Attorney’s Offices have received funding from the state to hire employees whose job title is “Victims Advocate.” In fact, along with the District Attorney’s offices, most sheriffs’ offices and police departments have Victim Assistance Units, whose sole purpose is to work for the benefit of the prosecution. They are …

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