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Fort Collins Attempted Sexual Assault Lawyer
When Hazing Turns into More Serious Criminal Charges

Hazing is charged anytime someone’s health is put in danger for the purpose of initiating them into a student organization. Sometimes the Hazing can cross serious lines and the actions turn into serious criminal charges. A group of college football players is being charged with Hazing after a teammate was physically attacked, duct taped to Read More

Fort Collins Registering as a Sex Offender Attorney
Sheriff Threatens to Exclude Sex Offenders from Seeking Refuge

Registering as a sex offender is a common sentencing requirement for those convicted of certain sex crimes like Sexual Assault on a Child, Unlawful Sexual Contact, and Indecent Exposure. Recently, a judge ruled that the Colorado Sex Offender Registration Act was unconstitutional and, in essence, a cruel and unusual punishment. While that seems like a Read More

Fort Collins Persistent Drunk Driver Attorney
How Does Someone Get Labeled a Persistent Drunk Driver?

The word ‘persistent,’ by definition, means constantly repeated or continued. Apparently the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles did not consult a dictionary when defining Persistent Drunk Driver because you can actually get that label for your first DUI offense. Now, it can also apply to repeat offenders, but if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is Read More

Fort Collins Domestic Violence Attorney
Harassment and False Imprisonment Common DV Charges

In Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park, Domestic Violence is not a separate crime, but a sentence enhancer added to crimes like Harassment and False Imprisonment. Recently, a Denver police officer was arrested for Harassment as an act of Domestic Violence for sending text messages that “alarmed and annoyed’ the woman. I guess freedom of Read More

Fort Collins Aggravated Robbery Lawyer
Robbing a Bar Full of Police Officers

The crime of Robbery in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park is aggravated when a deadly weapon, like a gun, is involved. Two men recently attempted to commit Aggravated Robbery of a bar, only it was filled with off-duty police officers celebrating the retirement of a fellow officer. The two were able to get away Read More

Fort Collins Third Degree Arson Attorney
Burning Your Trailer is Easier Than Finding a New Renter?

Starting a fire and causing something to burn, is charged as Arson in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park. It does not matter whether it was intentional or an accidental fire. A man was recently charged with Arson after setting his trailer on fire because he was tired of renting it to drug addicts. I Read More

Fort Collins Computer Crime Attorney
Rigging the Lottery for a $2.2 Million Pay Out

Using a computer or network to commit a crime, like Theft or for some sort of monetary gain, is charged as Computer Crime in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park. A lottery computer programmer is facing prison time after he wrote a computer code that would make him a lottery winner. He shared the winning Read More

Fort Collins Possession of Cocaine Attorney
Woman Snorts Cocaine in School Parking Lot

Possession of a Controlled Substance, like cocaine or heroin, is a common drug related charge in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park. This is because the statute covers any type of controlled substance or drug. The drugs are classified into schedules and the penalty for Possessing a Controlled Substance depends on what type of drug Read More

Fort Collins Identity Theft Lawyer
Using Stolen Credit Cards at 7-11

Identity Theft can be charged in Fort Collins, Loveland or Estes Park for many different situations. Sometimes, it is charged after a person steals a credit card or identifying information to open a credit card in another person’s name. Other times, we have seen these charges result from using a credit card you were given Read More

Fort Collins Assault on a Peace Officer Attorney
Throw Rocks at Cars, Get a Felony

The Second Degree Assault statute defines many   criminal situations that can result in 2nd Degree Assault charges in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park. One is causing serious bodily injury or bodily injury to a peace officer. A Denver man was sentenced to 5 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections for harming 3 police Read More